Solution Architecture

How does the system work?

Ai will deploy a fully hosted ENS® Solution inclusive of the ENS Core Engine, the Master Patient Index (MPI) and Interface Engine. In partnership with THA, Ai will establish ADT connectivity with target hospitals or a third-party entity designated by the hospital, which may include a hospital system, local RHIO or HIE, or other entity that houses ADT data for multiple facilities. Ai will also work with TennCare to load member panels and the THA hospitals to enable “auto-subscriptions” to ENS. This will enable notifications to TennCare and will also provide each hospital with access to ADT data for patients who visited their facilities.

Ai will provide ADT sources with a specification for which ADT data elements and event types should be included in the outbound ADT feed (aligned with TennCare’s requirements). This includes best practices for the data format, required data elements and expected codes and code sets. However, it is recognized that some hospitals may only be willing or able to send certain ADT formats and data fields. Ai and THA will work in good faith to obtain the most robust initial feed and will seek to make improvements where practical to maximize the value of the data feed. It is also understood that Ai will accept the hospital data in any format and map it to TennCare specification (but Ai cannot create ADT content if key data fields are missing in the hospital ADTs).

Diagram of how the ADT system works

0. THA HIN Agreement, BAA & Data Release Policy - THA member governing documents enhanced to support the ADT program

1. ADT Service Encounter Notification Service (ENS) - ENS provided by Ai (includes ENS Core Engine, Master Patient Index (MPI), Integration Engine, and Hosting)

2. Member Rosters - Eligibility files provided by TennCare (updated weekly) and hospitals' "auto-subscriptions"

3. HL7 ADT - Messages received in the hospitals' native format for all payers

4. Match/Rules/Filters - Ai performs recoding/standardization of HL7 ADT messages for TennCare members and hospital-specific rules to match TennCare specification

5a. TennCare Notifications - Alerts sent to TennCare Web Service for only TennCare patients (using matching in step 4)

5b. Hospital Notifications - Alerts sent to hospitals for their patients either via HL7 interface, direct secure message, sFTP, or web-based PROMPT application (using matching in step 4)

6. Dashboard - Reporting system available for monthly metrics (e.g., # ADTs, # notifications by source)


The THA Health Information Network (THA HIN) was formed in 1999 by the Tennessee Hospital Association to assist member hospitals in meeting the state mandated hospital discharge data reporting requirements.


THA Health Information Network
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