Proactive Management of Patient Transitions

PROMPT is a secure, web-based tool to help your organization better manage your notifications.

image of PROMPT software

PROMPT Features

  • Encounter alerts stream continuously in real-time
  • FREE to all users with no user limit on organizations
  • Advanced, custom filter options, with the ability to save custom filters for easy reuse
  • Download alert data in spreadsheet format
  • View data spanning the past 30 days
  • Search patients by name or MRN
  • Manage notifications by status – use ENS PROMPT’s real-time tracking feature to mark patients ‘Complete’ and streamline workflow
  • View patients’ readmission count
  • View patients across multiple patient panels

PROMPT V2.1 Brings a Whole Host of New Features

Manage My Patients

As healthcare professionals manage multiple fields of practice, their responsibilities grow proportionally. PROMPT makes managing patients easier, as a single user can access multiple panels centrally from a single, consolidated view. Likewise, multiple users can be assigned to the same group, allowing work to be divided across the organization.

Search & Filter Patient List

PROMPT allows users to search for patients using many criteria and notification fields, all in a simple dashboard. Users can add or remove refinement filters on the fly. Complex searches can be saved—creating a one step method to call up prior searches, revisit the status of patients over time, or check on patients with chronic conditions.

Care Coordination Workflow

PROMPT is not just a viewer for notifications. The care coordination workflow function allows users to quickly mark notifications as being in progress or completed. Users can easily keep track of their workqueues and mark different notifications so that their teams are not duplicating work, allowing for an easy method to coordinate follow-up activities with patients.

Data Reporting

PROMPT allows for users to export data for up to the last 30 days into easy-to-use formats such as CSV or Excel files. A user can select to export all of the data for a time period up to the last 30 days or export just the data that has been filtered by the patient management search. Being able to export data into standards like CSV or Excel allows users to easily put them into easy-to-understand graphs, charts or other visualization software.


The THA Health Information Network (THA HIN) was formed in 1999 by the Tennessee Hospital Association to assist member hospitals in meeting the state mandated hospital discharge data reporting requirements.


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